Action Painting for non-corporates

Find out how Action Painting could help your group or organisation

Action Painting isn't just for big corporates.

Whilst it was developed with large organisations in mind, it has also been very effective with other types of groups. Social groups, not-for-profits and a range of others have benefited from Action Painting workshops.

Take yourself out of the stress of day to day life and paint as a group. Feel free to express your creativity through painting and learn to know more about the others in your group in a different way.

By its very nature, Action Painting is inclusive in a way that many other team-building activities cannot be. The format enables participants to come closer together regardless of artistic ability or the nature of their existing relationship. By developing a more profound sense of the dynamic within the group, individuals are rewarded with a new insight into the roles that other play as well as a better appreciation of their own impact.