How does Action Painting work?

Understand how abstract painting can be applied to management development.

By engaging the creative brain, the individual is freed to form deeper connections to the whole.

Whilst it may sound like a cliché, it's true. By forcing the attendees to approach collaboration in an unfamiliar way, Action Painting breaks down established patterns and routines and facilitates a more intuitive and systemic response to problem solving.

Participants become, over the course of a workshop, true artists: experiencing the fear of the blank canvas yet able to make rapid decisions. Reacting – acting.

The role of the artist is to shake up ideas, to deconstruct and rebuild better, to provide a different perspective on a given situation. Is that not also the role of tomorrow's entrepreneur?

Using precepts borrowed from the Automatist movement - represented by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Georges Matthieu and Willem de Kooning - Action Painting animateurs guide the group through a series of steps to build up a masterpiece that encompasses the work of every individual involved.